Child Rearing Ideas

General parenting suggestions:

Of course, developmental age and intellectual/emotional ability play a role of adjustment, but consider the following:

‘Helicopter Parenting’
1. Do not hover over every thing your child does.
2. Allow the child to experience reality.
3. Avoid fighting the child’s battles. To the degress possible, allow the child to learn from her or his own experience.
4. Allow the child to fail, get a few bumps, and learn how to survive…rather than be frequently protected by the hovering parent.
5. Offer encouragement and confidence, but allow the child to find how to survive, with guidance rather than protection.
6. Bullying, while not good, can have a positive outcome if managed correctly. Protection from all unkind words from others runs the risk of making the child weak when an adult, when the child will encounter mean people at work, school, social situations.
7. Help the child learn to self-insulate from emotional difficulties.
8. Help the child learn that no matter what others do or say, the other’s behavior is not the fault of the child. The child does not need to wear the guilt of someone else.
9. Help the child build emotional resiliency.

‘Snowplow Parenting’
So you say helicopter parenting is not the thing anymore. So is it time for Snowplow Parenting? It runs the same risk of the helicopter folks: Stealing self-confidence and resiliency from the child.