Family is the most important unit of life. No life will survive unless the family survives. Individuals running to and fro will not exist without a family foundation. A person may ignore their family. A person may dismiss the importance of their family. A person may pretend family is not important (this particularly true with politicians), but the reality of life is that the family is preeminent in one’s own existence. We must all acknowledge and accept our family origins. Non-acceptance amounts to emotional suicide.

Everyone has some sort of family; whether it be biological, professional, financial, social, criminal, political, or otherwise. At the very least, we all have a mother and a father, regardless if we ever met them.

Doc reveals his family. Four brothers, two sisters. All of whom are important to Doc’s existence. Without them, Doc says he would be nothing. Doc would not exist in the realm of reality.

You must also recognize your connection to family.