CLABBER: Do you know what clabber is? Clabber is something that the old boys ate in the old days (maybe the ladies also, I don’t know). Here is how to make clabber:

You get raw milk that is not yet homogenized. Generally you get that kind of milk straight from the cow, which is where we got our milk. When I was a boy we had a cow, and I milked the cow (by hand I might add). The milk was then pasteurized, which meant killing the germs. My mother would put the raw milk into her handy-dandy pasteurizing cooker which would bring the milk up to a certain temperature and keep it there for a specified time. We did not homogenize the milk because that took expensive equipment, which we did not have. Once pasturized, the milk was left to sit out at room temperature until it coagulated into these little lumps, or maybe big lumps, but not like cottage cheese. Rather, lumps which are real slimy and very sour. The slimy, sour lumps are clabber. It was very popular in the old days, especially with the farm boys because clabber was good stuff. Maybe it was not good for you, but my father always said it was good. His little saying was: “It is good for what ails ya.”

I really did not think I was ailing before I ate the clabber, but I certainly was ailing after.