Anger Management

Anger Issues and Thoughts

Some Results of Inappropriate Anger

Behavioral: Increase of maladaptive behaviors:
Tobacco and alcohol use, physical aggression, verbal aggression, yelling, risk taking, impulse control, social isolation.
Emotional: Can lead to distorted emotions:
Feeling out of control, overwhelmed, enraged, helpless, frustration, feeling like a victim.
Physical: Anger stresses the body and can result in:
Increased blood pressure. Increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Headaches. Diminished immune system. Digestive problems.

Can Anger be good?
Yes; anger can be a useful emotion. It can motivate a person. But it must be properly directed and controlled.

Management Suggestions
Tip #1: Explore what is the real reason behind the anger. Unlikely it is the actual triggering event.
Tip #2: Be aware of your anger warning signs and triggers.
Tip #3: Learn ways to cool down.
Tip #4: Find more healthy ways to express your anger.
Tip #5: Recognize that when you respond with anger, you are giving control of your emotion over to whomever or whatever triggered your anger. Do you want to give up your self-control?