Stress Management

Stress Management Ideas

1. Avoid Unnessary Stress
a. Learn to say ‘no’
b. Avoid people who stress you out
c. Avoid hot-button topics
d. Cut down your to-do list

2. Alter the situation
a. Express feelings instead of bottling them
b. Be willing to compromise
c. Learn and practice assertiveness
d. Manage your time better

3. Adapt to the stressor
a. Reframe problems
b. Look at the big picture
c. Focus on the positive
d. Adjust your expectations

4. Accept things you cannot change
a. Do not try to control the uncontrollable
b. Look for the positive side
c. Share your feelings
d. Learn to forgive

5. Make time for fun and relaxation
a. Make a list of your fun activities
b. Set actual time for relaxation
c. Connect with others who are positive to you
d. Do something every day that you enjoy
e. Keep your sense of humor

6. Adopt a healthy lifestyle
a. Exercise regularly
b. Eat a healthy diet
c. Reduce caffeine and sugar use
d. Avoid alcohol, tobacco use, drugs
e. Get enough sleep

7. Improve your emotional intelligence