I Quotient

The Insanity Quotient

This is not a measure of mental illness. Neither is it a researched, stratified item with norms and a statistical foundation. Rather, it is simply a gathering of items which Doc believes interfere with living life in a beneficial manner.

Any of these apply to your life process?

  1. Wish you were someone else?
  2. Tendency to follow the group?
  3. Habits that seem to control your life?
  4. Worry too much, even about little things?
  5. Competent or confident people intimidate you?
  6. No specific goals; just wandering through life?
  7. Have an imaginary life that sometimes feels real?
  8. Times when random thoughts crash through your mind?
  9. Lack confidence in your ability to achieve your goals?
  10. Have difficulty making decisions, about almost everything?
  11. Seeking a different result, but repeating the same old behaviors?
  12. Acquiesce to the opinions of others, then feel angry with yourself?

There is no score sheet. Give yourself a ‘most often’ YES or ‘most often’ NO answer. (No one gets a 100% NO on all these items.) Then decide if there is something you want to change.