Lessons for Life

Doc baby

From early in life we all begin to learn. Often we are unaware of what we are learning. The trick is to pay attention and look into ourselves.

This section contains examples of learning that came to Doc in his life. Presently, it does not contain examples where Doc failed to learn, and there were plenty of those opportunities. But those examples will begin to appear as work on the positive side develops. We all have both positive and negative sides, and Doc was no different from the rest of us.

By The Way…That little pudgy-year-old kid sitting on the fender of a 1942 Chevrolet is a cute little dude! Right?

  1. 1. Good parents.
  2. 2. Good friends.
  3. 3. Good education.
  4. 4. Religious education.
  5. 5. Adult education.
  6. 6. Random experiences.