Blessed by God

CHAPTER TWO – Blessed by God

I was born of good, loving parents who, although not perfect, saw to it that my siblings and I were brought up understanding right and wrong in life, being responsible and productive, and having an appreciation of God’s blessings. Paul William Wuehler and Whilden Robinson. Their bios are here:

Whilden Robinson Wuehler was born in Iona, Idaho, Ada County, on March 11, 1919. She passed away at age 79, passed away on May 24, 1998, from natural causes. She had integrity and tenacity. She was the daughter of Philemon Benjamin and Dorothy Clapp Robinson. A graduate of Brigham Young University, she taught junior high school for many years. She married Paul William Wuehler on September 6, 1943, in Boise, Idaho, and later sealed in the Arizona LDS Temple. As an active member of the LDS Church, she served many people and loved to read, bake, and garden. She passed to the other side in May 1998, leaving behind her husband, seven children, and their spouses, including Paul, David, Anne, James, and his wife Jeanne, Mary, and husband Karl, Sara, John, and his wife Malea. She also left 19 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Funeral services were held Wednesday, May 27, 1998, at 11 a.m. in the Crescent 14th Ward Chapel, 10375 South 630 East. Interment was in the Crescent Cemetery, Sandy, UT: Goff Mortuary, funeral directors.

Paul William Wuehler was born on March 4, 1915, in Olive, California, Orange County. He passed away on Tuesday, June 29, 1999, just one year and one month after the passing of his wife, Whilden. He was age 84. Once his wife had died, Paul had little energy to live or desire to live. Paul grew up on a large farm in Visalia, CA. He was the only son, having four sisters. During the depression, while other farmers struggled, Paul and his father were doing well on their farm. He joined the Army Air Corps and served during World War II. He was stationed at Mt. Home AFB in Idaho, where he met his wife. He married Whilden Robinson on September 6, 1943, in Boise, Idaho, and was later sealed in the Arizona LDS Temple. He was raised a Lutheran but converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints following his marriage. As an active member, he served in many capacities, including bishopric. He was an airplane mechanic in the US Air Force. He retired after 22 years of exemplary service. He was buried beside his wife in the Crescent Cemetery, Sandy, UT—he left 19 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.