CHAPTER ONE – Pre-Birth Life

Honestly, I do not recall much, well, not anything about my life before I was born. In university, I had a psychology professor who stated he had regressed people into the womb using hypnosis. I do not know if I believed him, but for certain, it was not me who regressed. My first specific recollection occurred around the age of four years, or I was told by my mother that the vague recollection I had happened when I was four.

I believe what is taught in church is that we all lived someplace before birth. Heaven? Before we came to earth.

My church teaches that we were all with God and Jesus in a Grand Council before this life. We were allowed to follow Jesus and come to earth or follow another guy who did not lead to coming to earth. Therefore, my church teaches that everyone who has ever come to earth was in the Council and chose to follow Jesus. Of course, what everyone did/does once on earth is another story.

Not much else to tell. I have heard stories about some people who claim that under hypnosis, they recalled being in the mother’s womb, but I wonder about such claims.

And, of course, some believe in reincarnation. But I have no idea about that. I have jokingly said that I hope to return as a monkey if reincarnation is true. Sounds good to me. 😊