Ukrainian Borsch

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This recipe was received several years ago from a former lady friend of the Doc. The instructions are as she wrote them. Great recipe. By the way, Borsch is essentially like a soup or watery stew. The cook can put whatever is desired….meat or no meat, various vegetables or just one. Doc favors Red Borsch which is the one with a good portion of beets, and whatever else. Make your favorite choice.

UKRAINIAN BORSCH (this came from a Ukrainian friend…Doc tried to convert metric to US measures)

3 liters water (4.2 cups)
1 kg meat (pork, beef, or chicken 2.2 pounds)
half glass kidney beans
200 g lard (.44 pounds/7.0 ounces)
100 g carrots (.22 pounds/3.5 ounces)
300 g beetroots (.66 pounds/10.5 ounces)
100 g onions (.22 pounds)
0.5 2 glasses or 2/3 cup tomatoe juice
0.5 5-6 potatoes (size?)
one head cabbage
(“glass” = .35 of a cup according to my figures using Tanya’s numbers)

First step: Pour 3 liters of water into the saucepan, put there
1kg of meat, usually pork, beef or chicken. When begins to boil, take
away the scum. The meat is boiling. You start to boil the kidney beans
in the separate saucepan.

You put the lard cut into pieces on the hot frying pan (200g) and
fry it on the small fire. Then you take away the pieces with the fat
left on the pan.

Next step is to take the carrots (100g), rosy beetroots (300g),
onions (100g) and all the vegetables are to be cut into stripes. All the
stuff is put onto the frying pan and stewed. Then you add tomato juice
(0,5 ) and continue to stew.

When the meat is ready, you add salt, potatoes (0,5) peeled, cut
into little pieces, stewed vegetables and prepared kidney beans – all
this into the saucepan with the meat. Then cut off the cabbage and put
it into the saucepan. When it begins to boil, check if the potatoes are
done. If yes, add salt and a little dill. Let it boil for 2 minutes and
the borsch is ready-made!!!!

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