W Quotient

The Worry Quotient

This is not a measure of mental illness. Neither is it a researched, stratified, item with norms and a statistical foundation. Rather, it is simply a gathering of worry items which Doc believes interfere with living life in a comfortable manner.

Any of these apply to you?

  1. Reluctant to be alone?
  2. Restless or feeling keyed up?
  3. Sudden loud noises startle you?
  4. Is the cup half empty or half full?
  5. Social situations cause discomfort?
  6. Worry too much, even about little things?
  7. Catastrophizing is a major thought pattern?
  8. Truly believe no good deed goes unpunished?
  9. Circling thoughts in the mind cause sleep difficulties?
  10. Avoidance behavior causes social or behavioral problems?
  11. Feel the need to purchase and wear the ‘correct’ clothing?
  12. Concerned about what people think of you, even unknown people?

There is no score sheet. Give yourself a ‘most often’ YES or ‘most often’ NO answer. (No one has 100% NO answers.) Then decide if there is something you want to change.