The Emotions War

There is a colossal battle attempting to take control of your emotions. Do you believe it? The war for your emotional state is waging, and probably you do not even know it is occurring. But what is(are) the reason(s) for such a battle? Is your emotional state that important? And if such a war is happening, what is at stake for you?

Who or what is waging this battle, you ask? As you consider the following, look for reasons any of these entities would want to control or to connect to your emotional state:



Medical Practitioners



Philosophical Purveyors

The Sports World

The Entertainment World

Financial Advisors

The Consumer World

Your friends, including your best friend

(and the list could go on for pages—who would you add?)

Perhaps the truth is that everyone with whom you come in contact or to whom you have a connection, for one reason or another, wants your emotions, at least a portion.

The naïve among you will grin and say “fiddlesticks” (or some other equal, but less polite, words of denial). Those who are a bit more thoughtful will be doubtful but wondering.

A simple example. Your alarm goes off, and you awake from a night’s sleep. You ponder as you wonder whether to hit the snooze button: “How will work be today? Will the boss harass me again? Will that special coworker go to lunch with me finally? What about the attitude of the team on my project? Will I need to stay late? Or will I be able to enjoy the Little League game of my nephew? Should I purchase that new vehicle I have been considering? Why do I need it? Do I have enough money? Should I agree to play Pickleball with my friends on Saturday? What football game should I watch tonight? Should I contact my financial advisor because the stock market has been up and down? What should I do to protect myself?”

And so it goes–on and on and on. And you are not even out of bed yet, in the morning. With all these thoughts and numerous others, do you have any emotional connection to them?

Is there anything you do in your life that is unaccompanied by an emotion? Is there? Think hard!

Unless you are a pure psychopathic personality, I dare say there is absolutely nothing you do without an attached emotion. It may not be blazingly strong, it may be so weak as not to be recognized, but it is there.

Could the reason the war rages is for control of you? Is it not possible that all your thoughts about what you do or think or decide have a connection to your emotional state? Is it possible that your emotional state exercises a powerful influence upon what you think and do?

Could this be the reason for the war, for the battle? Perhaps all those listed entities, and more, want control of your thinking, beliefs, and behavior. Or at least they want to guide your behavior and thoughts in the direction they want.

THE QUESTION: What are you going to do about it? Cave-In? Or take Personal Control?