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Spy rules that could benefit President Trump

Ex-CIA officer (and a Democrat) offers five spy rules that could benefit President Trump
Bryan Dean Wright

Spies live by a unique set of rules. Some are formal, some are unspoken. All told, they guide how clandestine officers think and behave, shaping their view of themselves, their colleagues, and the world. If Trump can adopt these rules, he will earn the trust and respect of the men and women that he needs to protect the republic.

Here are the top five:

1. If You Mess Up, Fess Up
2. All for One, One for All
3. Challenge Your Assumptions
4. Innovate or Die
5. America First

It’s now up to President Trump to show that their loyalty is well placed.

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9-year-old shamed by school for shirt showing deer she hunted

This young girl goes on hunt organized by the Ohio State Division of Wildlife. She kills her first deer, about which she is very proud. Her family creates a shirt with the girl and the deer pictured. Proudly she wears the shirt to school, a teacher says (according to the report): “Hilling animals is not what we do.” The child was reportedly “devastated” and threw away the shirt. Reportedly the principal said: “We don’t have dead animals in the school.”

Who are these people? Apparently, at that school no one eats chicken, beef, pork, etc. Because if they do eat such, someone had to kill the animal. And apparently the school menu features no meat. SERIOUSLY???

As the Doc always says: The world is full of marginal people.

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