Who is this “They?”

Who is this “they” about whom we have all heard references? You hear it all the time. Someone will ask a question, and someone else will say: “They” said…..this, or “They” said….that…. It seems this “They” knows everything.

Have you ever met “They?” As a teenager, I was perplexed. But there was no AI, so “They” could not have been artificial intelligence. As an adolescent, I thought “They” were the leaders, scientists, professors, politicians, preachers, business types…….you know what I mean—those who supposedly know it all, or at least know their piece of life’s activities.

After a lot of foolish belief, dismay, and disappointment because of failed hopes based upon what “They” said, I found out who “They” really are. You are lucky. I am going to share what I learned. See how it fits your experience. “They” are nobody! “They” are a figment of imagination. “They” are what every person wants to know. Most of us Hate (with a capital H), not knowing what is happening. We hate to think that we cannot predict and control the future. As a result, we make up the all-knowing “They” and attribute powers of knowledge to them.