No Longer Needed

Aging in human society brings several cognitive, medical, and temporal changes for each person. These changes occur at different times and sequences, but everyone ultimately suffers. Changes might include memory loss, decreased energy, increased potential for illness, reduced balance and control, shaking muscles, paper-thin skin, etc. While bodily losses are often easy to observe, another loss area is less visible.

Emotional losses are often not recognized. There comes a time when an older person is no longer needed in the same manner as when younger. The nest is empty. No children need to be taxied around, fed, educated, or bathed. Hanging out with friends differs with advancing age due to reduced energy and because some prior friends are no longer around. Exciting and engaging experiences occurring when young are no longer enjoyable but boring. Been there, done that.

Yes. Aging brings danger for a person to feel No Longer Needed.  

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