Medieval America

I have said for years that the United States of America is slowly moving toward a Medieval Government. Consider how life was governed during the Middle Ages. There were the wealthy property owners (castles, armies, and numerous fools kissing up trying to gain favors), and there were the poor, the peasants who lived hand to

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Green New Deal

Here is a thought for you folks that want to get rid of the carbon footprint. And I agree. We need to reduce the amount of carbon in the world. But, think about this. Are you one of those well-to-do folks who strongly support the Green Deal? And are you also one of those folks

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What I Regret

Spending too much time working at a career Spending too much time doing church things Spending too little time with my children Failing to teach specific information to my children Failing to be an excellent example to my children Failing to take the family on more positive, educational, fun vacations Failing to develop close communication

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Stress Management Ideas

1. Avoid Unnecessary Stress             a. Learn to say ‘no.’             b. Avoid people who stress you out             c. Avoid hot-button topics             d. Downsize your to-do list 2. Alter the situation             a. Express feelings instead of bottling them             b. Be willing to compromise             c. Learn and practice assertiveness             d.

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