Life Philosophy

Do you have a philosophy by which you operate your life? That is a big question, and the answer could be numerous. But here is a thought. Several years ago, I asked a friend how he was doing. His response: “Just putting one foot in front of the other.” That is a simple statement, almost […]

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No Longer Needed

Aging in human society brings several cognitive, medical, and temporal changes for each person. These changes occur at different times and sequences, but everyone ultimately suffers. Changes might include memory loss, decreased energy, increased potential for illness, reduced balance and control, shaking muscles, paper-thin skin, etc. While bodily losses are often easy to observe, another

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Climate Champions-2

Speaking about saving planet Earth from the allegedly coming heat wave, what about these wind turbines gracing the land? You know the turbines which produce electricity (at least on a windy day). The turbines kill off thousands of birds. OK, who needs a bunch of birds? Right? I wonder about all the bugs and spiders

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Climate Champs

How about all those who worry that the earth is heating up? That age-old evil, Fossil Fuels, will bring the heat of the Hell Fires to earth. There are arguments on both sides of the fossil fuel fence. But I wonder why the champs are not complaining about all the asphalt and concrete being laid

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The Binary Society

OK. So I think we are moving to a binary or medieval society. What is wrong with that? Still, the rich are helping the poor–right? Maybe, but more likely, the poor are helping the wealthy become more affluent. How does that work? Let’s see. The poor are the cannon fodder in the rich person’s army,

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